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What is Six Sigma?

The "Six Sigma" program is the leading quality improvement program.

What does it mean for me?

The true value of Six Sigma lies in its positive impact to your organizationís bottom line. With the critical training and consulting support of Process Plus Inc, clients can realize exceptional savings from Six Sigma

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Focused Transformation of Your Enterprise

Process Plus Inc provides consulting in Six Sigma, a highly effective approach to exceptional business performance that incorporates Six Sigma process improvements within a focused, large-scale transformation of your enterprise. Our Six Sigma consultants guide you from strategic development through implementation of fundamental changes throughout your organization. Driven by your markets and your customers, Six Sigma delivers substantial cost reductions, increased efficiencies, sustainable improvements and shareholder value.

An Integrated Approach to Your Business

Process Plus Inc combines the precision of Six Sigma with proven Change Management and process improvement methodologies, superior training capabilities and global experience across all industries and markets.

Process Plus Inc's expertise in business process and performance improvement will help your company through certified, Black Belt-led teams, we train and transfer the knowledge your people need to sustain improvements in the face of changes in the marketplace.

Achieving Six Sigma Performance

Achieving the highest level of Six Sigma performance requires a rigorous commitment to improvement, beginning with senior management. The results of achieving Six Sigma performance are rapid, enterprise-wide and dramatic. With the guidance of our consultants, your company's leadership drives the effort to reach Six Sigma strategic targets, allocates the resources to implement improvements, and helps your organization as a whole to embrace Six Sigma's capacity to transform your business.

Effective Across Industries

As industry research and experience show, Six Sigma performance is possible not just in manufacturing and electronics, where Six Sigma originated, but in any business-financial services, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, utilities-even the entertainment industry. Process Plus's training and methodology transfers Six Sigma knowledge and skills to your people, enabling your company to create ownership, generate results and sustain success.

Six Sigma Services

bulletExecutive Overview
bulletProject Managers Introduction
bulletSix Sigma Green Belt Training
bulletSix Sigma Black Belt Training

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